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Advanced Composition and Technique


Monday Feb 12th 6-8pm

Goss Photo Studio, 145 Webster st, Hanover

Have you been struggling to get those sunrise and sunset shots to look the way you want? Having trouble with high contrast scenes where the sky is bright and the foreground is dark? Want to learn how to punch up your photos and give them a little flare?

A good composition is difference between a GREAT photo and everyone else's photo. If you don't have a clean, interesting and engaging composition that makes the viewer want to study your picture they will only give it a quick glance and then move on.

As artists what we want is for the viewer to feel the way that we felt while taking the picture. To feel like they can walk into our picture or find some sort of connection to your scene or portrait.

In " Advanced Composition and Technique" we will be going over:

- Fundamental rules or creating better compositions that make a connection with the viewer

- How to use shutter speed or depth of field to create a more dramatic story with our photo.

- Interesting tricks using Aperture and Shutter Speed to give photos more life

- Different filters to use on your camera such as Circular Polarizers and Graduated Neutral Density filters that can help enhance your photo without using Photoshop.

- Some very basic editing techniques that you can use to help save your photo from being over or under exposed, especially when shooting sunsets or sunrises.

So, if you want to bring your photos to that next level and give them more life and excitement, join me for Advanced Composition and Technique.