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My love for photography came from my love for nature and exploring in the outdoors. I got frustrated with seeing these amazing places and sights and not being able to capture them the right way so I started to study more, practice more, invested in better equipment and really dove into trying to develop the style and eye that I want to bring to people.

For me with my nature photography its all about connection. I always try to connect the viewer to the scene by adding a lot of dimension to the photos and interesting angles that make the viewer study the picture more and get a sense of being able to step into the picture.

As a rock and ice climber it was only natural for me to want to bring my camera into the mountains with me too. Figuring out how to haul my gear up the side of steep cliff faces was one task to overcome but learning all the systems to be able to get myself into position to get the shots I want while hanging sometimes hundreds of feet off the ground took a little more time and caution but, being able to capture images of my friends and climbing partners in our happy places has been amazing.

My journey into running my photography business full time has been incredible. I am constantly challenging myself to learn new techniques and styles, and to always try and expand my photograper's eye. At first I was worried that it may turn into "work" having to shoot things for clients that are not my usual type of photography but it has actually been really fun and inspiring to dive into different realms.

I have discovered that I actually really enjoy photographing people (even when they are not hanging off of a cliff!!). I enjoy not just the challenge and fast pace of shoot wedding but also the emotion and personality that I get to witness and be a part of throughout the day. I enjoy trying to blend myself into the friend group in order to help everyone relax around me and capture the unfiltered, unscripted moments.

Shooting for landscape architects, high end builders and interior designers has definitely helped me develop an eye for the small scenes and details.

I feel like now a days, in this world of camera phones, social media and constant barrage of pictures, its important to put some good quality content out there and to help teach people what makes a good picture and how to slow down and focus when shooting. That is why I enjoy teaching photography classes so much.

I love seeing my students get to that moment where it clicks. Where they look at the scene and are able to translate their vision into the picture. For the past 4 years I have been teaching hands on classes and giving talks on photography around the South Shore. Sometimes people ask me why I would want to train "competition". My answer is always the same. People are going to post pictures on line no matter what. I want to look at good pictures so, if I can teach them how to create better images and how to turn photography into a fun passion instead of a frustrating hobby then I'm all about it. Plus I just really love seeing people get excited when they are learning.

Product photography, corporate headshots, family photos, action sports, nature. Trying to capture that moment, move, scene or just trying to make that glass of beer look extra delicious.

I just enjoy all of it and I hope that when people look at my work they enjoy it all too.