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My love for photography came from my love for nature and exploring in the outdoors. I got frustrated with seeing these amazing places and sights and not being able to capture them the right way so I started to study more, practice more, invested in better equipment and really dove into trying to develop the style and eye that I want to bring to people.

For me with my photography is all about connection. With my nature photography I always try to connect the viewer to the scene by adding a lot of dimension to the photos. With my portrait and wedding work I always try to spend a lot of time connecting with my subject. Getting them comfortable with me means that they feel more comfortable in front of my camera. Thats how we create great images.

My journey into running my photography business full time has been incredible. I am constantly challenging myself to learn new techniques and styles, and to always try and expand my photograper's eye. At first I was worried that it may turn into "work" having to shoot "for clients" but it has actually been really fun and inspiring to dive into different realms.

whether it's  trying to blend myself into the friend group in order to help everyone relax around me and capture the unfiltered, unscripted moments on wedding day, getting on the ground to goof around with your kids during family portraits or creating stunning advertisement images for your business. 

The creative challenges I get to face every day have kept me inspired and motivated.

Product photography, corporate headshots, family photos, action sports, nature, weddings. Trying to capture that moment, move, scene or just trying to make that glass of beer look extra delicious. I just enjoy all of it and I hope that when people look at my work they enjoy it all too.

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